Leave A Good Impression With Clients

Businesses today are easier to start than they’ve ever been; with everything from small enterprise loans to business planners for five dollars. Which means that impressing a potential client for your business is very tough in today’s market, what with twenty other people who do the same thing all vying for the same client. How can you leave a lasting impression with a client you are trying to get onboard? Here’s a tip to help you connect and get your new client onboard.

Meeting clients for the first time

Is there such thing as the perfect gift for your client? This depends on how well you know your client. If it’s a client you are meeting for the first time, perhaps some standard corporate gifts ideas will please them – you don’t want to go overboard, although there is no such thing as bad publicity. Useful little things for their cubicle or office, pen drives, notebooks or even a fun calendar for their desk that they might keep around every day, which is even better for you since your brand name will be on their desk and office for quite a while

Strengthening existing client relationships

If it’s a client you already have met a couple of times and know well, or even someone you’ve lost touch with but have started working with again, you should probably go for something that’s not too standard or formal. Try to think of something out of the box, fun or quirky – an interesting magnetic paper clip holder, a calendar with a quote for each day. Do some research and take a look at your options.


If you’re an entrepreneur running your own company and reading this, then great – you’ve already thought about getting something for your potential clients. Otherwise, you might have the tedious task of convincing your superiors about the importance of actually assigning a budget for this. Show them a few corporate gifts ideas and explain how useful it would be towards pushing the brand name forward. Most companies already have some form of these available, but it’s always a good idea to be innovative. You will probably have to give in a custom order to get your brand on the product, but remember that the bigger your order quantity, the lesser the price. This will go a long way in helping you reduce costs. Get multiple quotations for different order quantities so that you know how little you can order, and haggle a reasonable price per item with your dealer. The budget will vary greatly depending on how fancy your item is, so do some research to get yourself the best deal.

So armed with this information, be prepared to have your brand name reach more clients than before, and watch your business grow.